2015 Spring Laboratory Safety Online Training

2015-04-14 1,055
2015 Spring Laboratory Safety Online Training

Online training on lab safety for 2015 Spring will be held as follows in order to raise awareness on lab safety and to prevent possible accidents. Please refer to the following information and complete the course registration on time.
1. Date : Wednesday, April 1, 2015 ~ Monday, August 31, 2015

2. Applies to : 2,213 researchers/students engaged in lab activities (Those who have been registered)

3. Contents : Online commissioned education
   A. Take 12 personally selected courses (Korean/English) among 30 courses per field
   B. How to take courses : By using personal computers or mobile devices
   C. Cost : 1,100 won/person (All amounts paid from the lab safety maintenance funds)
  D. Hours counted : 6 hours by regular court law (Only for those who have successfully completed the courses)

4. Hosted by : Korea Safety Environment Technology

5. Remarks : Compulsory education on laboratory safety
   A. New researchers/students : 8 hours
  B. Existing researchers/students : 6 hours/semester (Group seminar arranged by each department + online training)