2020 POSTECH Matriculation Speech

2020-03-19 432

My most heartfelt congratulations to the freshmen who are now new members of our POSTECH community. I am proud of every single one of you. I also would like to express my gratitude and admiration to the parents and family members for their devotion and sacrifice over the years.

I wish to celebrate and share this joyful occasion with you in person. Instead, I regret that this congratulatory message will have to do in light of the current COVID-19 situation. As you know well, all classes are now conducted online for the well-being of our members and that may continue depending on the situation. I hope that you take good care until we meet again in our classrooms and campus filled with energy and excitement. More than ever, now is the time to gather our ‘power of together’ for the health and safety of our community. I believe we can overcome this difficult time when we come together as one.

POSTECH was founded in 1986 to conduct scientific research necessary for the development of Korea and humanity, to equip outstanding individuals with knowledge and intellect, and to contribute to society and humanity by sharing research findings through the industry-academic cooperation. Centered on these founding tenets, POSTECH has made history over the past 34 years, ranking third on the world’s best small universities list and 12th place among the most innovative universities in 2019.

However, POSTECH does not settle for these accolades. To create future value, we have built the 3rd and 4th generation radiation accelerators – a rarity in the world – and debuted the blockchain technology on campus for the first time in Korea. POSTECH’s choice has always been to overcome barriers, to move forward, and to share with more people.

POSTECH’s professors, students, and members uphold noble ideologies and great mission as future leaders of the upcoming fourth industrial revolution, equipped with love for their country, creative intelligence, and kindness toward mankind. We call them Postechians.

Dear new Postechians, I am confident that you possess a bright and keen mind. I can tell since you have made through the fierce competition to arrive at POSTECH. You possess a warm heart and a tenacious spirit. Selecting POSTECH as your first choice proves just that. Going forward, your life at POSTECH will be the foundation for your growth as a leader of tomorrow, as you go out into the world.

I would like to ask two things of you Postechians, who are starting a new journey.

One, boldly break the mold! The Mueunjae School which you belong to has no academic boundaries. Quotas and grades will not stand in the way of your yearning to learn. There will also be no barriers of borders or careers through interactions with partner universities around the world and online classes. Experience the real world firsthand at leading companies and research institutes at home and abroad for three months during the summer. How does volunteering sound? Instead of confining yourself to just one major or one opportunity, choose to reason broadly to gain in-depth knowledge and exercise good judgement. We will be with you every step of the way to make our society a better place through advancement in science and technology.

Another is to fail all you want! Perhaps you have led a life far from failure. Failure is paired with challenge. If you settle where you are and travel the path already paved, failure may be avoided. Science is a history made of progress from repeated challenges and failures – and the university is a valuable learning ground for just that. Challenge yourself and fail to your heart’s desire. POSTECH will be right by your side as a friend, a mentor and your teacher.

Last but not least, please take a look at your friends next to you. You will learn with them, share moments of joy and valuable experiences with them from here forth. They will be the ones you count on when you go through rough times, sometimes be a rival to motivate you, and your companion to enrich your life. I hope you build friendships that last a lifetime with those sitting next to you.
Dear new students, I welcome you to POSTECH once again. Let us move forward from here, together.

March 16, 2020
Moo Hwan Kim