2nd half of 2024 PIURI Post-Doc. Fellowship Application

2nd half of 2024 PIURI Post-Doc. Fellowship Application
*PIURI: POSTECH Initiative for fostering Unicorn of Research & Innovation

1. Aim: To support exceptional postdoctoral researchers to become Unicorns of Research & Innovation

2. Applicant Eligibility (All must be satisfied)
Has received a recommendation and commitment for an annual salary of more than 36 million KRW from POSTECH faculty
All researchers who have obtained a PhD degree
※ Starting in 2024, it has been reorganized to allow all PhD researchers to apply for PIURI. Applicants will be evaluated considering their research achievements during their entire career.
– Of any nationality including current POSTECH Post-Doctoral researchers and research professors
– Has received commitment for additional support from the department
– Appointment at POSTECH before or after Fellowship selection

3. Grant Period: 2 years (From September 1, 2024 to August 31, 2026)
– If one becomes eligible after the end of this period, they can apply again
Appointment should be done separately from the Fellowship
– Fellowship will be granted from the latter point between Fellowship start and appointment start, to the earlier point between Fellowship end and appointment end. If the applicant is not appointed, the Fellowship will be canceled
– If an applicant resigns from their appointment, the stipend will be suspended and the remaining fund will be retrieved

4. Grant Amount: Maximum 37.5 million KRW/1 year (The department’s support + Additional support)
– The department’s support : Maximum 12.5 million KRW/1 year
– Additional support : Double the department’s support (Maximum 25 million KRW/1 year)
– “an annual salary of more than 36 million KRW from a Supervising Advisor” and the department’s support (maximum 12.5 million KRW) + Additional support (maximum 25 million KRW),
– Should be used as stipend (the total grant should be allocated equally by month across the fellowship period. Insurance, severance pay, etc. are included in the grant)

5. Selection Criteria
– Number of available Fellowships: Approximately 10
– Applicants will be evaluated on research achievement, support from Supervising Advisor and department, etc.
– Applicants who have won research projects as principal investigator, and/or have obtained stipends from elsewhere will be preferred

6. How to Apply
– Submission deadline: June 28, 2024 (18:00 KST)
– Applicants should contact POSTECH faculty & Department directly to discuss about appointment and department support.
* Refer to the POSTECH department website (Faculty Contact Information)
– Application form signed by Supervising Advisor and head of the department should be submitted to the affiliated department.

7. Follow-up Procedures
– Achievement report from successful applicants will be collected and reviewed at the end of each year of the Fellowship
– PIURI Fellowship will be announced and selected twice a year (first and second half)
– Inquiries: Hyunji An, R&D Strategy at POSTECH (


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Department Website & Contact information Note
Refer to the POSTECH Faculty Contact Information on the department website
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