Become an entrepreneurship university that contributes to the nation and
nurtures creative global leaders with excellence and a sound personal value system


  • Education
    Lead future societies by
    nurturing excellent
    global leaders
  • Faculty
    Secure world-renown
  • Research
    Contribute to society and
    industry by creating value
    through research
  • Administration
    Secure the growth engine
    for sustainable

Action Plans

  • Education
    • Nurture well-versed global leaders
    • Innovate educational method and environment
    • Develop the ability to prepare for the future
  • Research
    • Strong R&D
    • Establish industry-academia collaboration platform
    • Establish a base to utilize research achievements
  • Faculty
    • Actively attract faculty
    • Introduce an appointment plan for industry-academia cooperation
    • Retain excellent faculty
  • Administration
    • Management innovation Initiative
    • Improve infrastructure to establish the foundation for future growth
    • Strengthen public perception by improving the university’s image


[ Open + Innovation ]

Founding Tenets

  • Nurture future global leaders through outstanding education
  • Conduct and utilize research that will lead the field of science and technology
  • Serve the nation and humanity through education, research, and industry-academic collaboration
Department : Planning
Last Modified : 2024-05-16