Certificate Requests (Faculty / Staff)

Types of Certificate

  • Career, Employment, Retirement/Resignation
    • Certificate of Employment is only issued to current employees
    • Certificate of Employment Separation is only issued to those whose employment with POSTECH has ended.

How to Request (Click Order Online for Online Request)

Please refer to the table above to find more information on pickup method, location, procedure, fee and processing time.
Request Type Location Procedure Fee Processing Time
Visit the Faculty Affairs office and make a request in person
(located on the 2nd floor of the Administration Building)
Visit the Human Resources office and make a request in person
(located on the 1st floor of Administration Building)
Free Instant
Online Request Anywhere with Internet access Visit the University website → Click on “Certificate Request” → Access to Agency Formal Employees:
(Certification fee + Agency fee)
Current Employees:
(Same as POVIS)
By Fax Local government offices 1. Visit a local government office and make a request via FAX Civil Service
2. Receive the certificate at the local office once faxed by POSTECH
(Certification fee of ₩1,000/copy + Processing fee of ₩300/copy)
Within one to three hours
By Postal Services Post Office 1. Request postal services for official documents
2. Receive the certificate via postal mail
Certification fee + Postage fee Within three to five days

Issuance Fee: ₩1,000 per copy
(For English and Korean versions respectively)

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