Graduate School Financial Aid System

POSTECH implements customized scholarship policies that consider the economic conditions of each household, so that any student may continue his or her studies in spite of financial difficulties and develop a global mind and academic skills. Upon entering POSTECH, all students become recipients of the President Science Scholarship, National Scholarship (science and engineering), National Merit Scholarship and Jigok Scholarship. The status continues for 8 consecutive semesters as far as the requirements of the government and POSTECH are met. There are additional scholarships – Academic Excellence Scholarship, Academic Achievement Scholarship, Study Abroad Scholarship, Student Internship Scholarship, Special Scholarship, Honorary Scholarship (for a student who is qualified for a scholarship, but gives up the entitlement for other students who have financial difficulties) and more.

Scholarship Policy Guide

  • Honorary Scholarship System

    The honorary scholarship system is designed to further assist students with financial difficulties through the efficient operation of the university’s scholarship fund. For example, in the case where a student who is economically well-off receives an Academic Excellence Scholarship, the student may voluntarily give up the scholarship for another student facing economic hardship. POSTECH grants the student a scholarship certificate in honor of this sacrifice and keeps a record.

Department : Student Affairs
Last Modified : 2021-07-30