Blue skies Research Idea Request about ‘Health care in Future car’

2015-07-20 787
POSTECH would like to solicit creative and innovative research ideas about ‘Health care in future car’ as below.
1. Objective
Seek for blue skies research idea (*) which has unexpected possibility and high impact. 1-page proposal will be screened before supporting seed money to finally foster intellectual property or High-risk/High-impact research proposal for the government/companies.


2. Outline






Creative and innovative research idea for the ’Health care in future car’


Full-time POSTECH members


Up to 10 million won / project
– Research budget should be used for only ‘research activity’. (Not allowed for personnel expenses, research equipment, and materials)
– POSTECH Rules for the Implementation of the Research Administration Regulations will be applied to this. (Cost for meeting should not be more than 15% of the whole research budget)


3 months

Proposal form

1-page proposal
– Project name, principal investigator’s (PI) name, affiliation, and phone number, co-investigator’s name and affiliation, and estimated research budget and period must be included in each proposal. Except for the above required information, the proposal is free-format.
– All contents except research budget should be in 1 page
– Korean or English

Project evaluation

Review committee will evaluate
1-page proposal
– Creativity and uniqueness of the idea
– High-risk/High-impact
– Collaboration and synergy effect
– Relevance with ‘Health care in future car’


2015. 07. 24: 1- page proposal due
2015. 08.  Result announcement
2015. 09. ~ 11. Project execution
3. Follow-up actions
– Full proposal will be collected to support big project application for the government or companies depend on the review.
– If the idea is probable for being an intellectual property, we will provide full support for the rapid patent application.

4. Contact & submission
– Jiwoo Kang, Research planning team (, 279-3633)

* Blue skies research?

  • “Curiosity-driven science”, which is lacking preceding research or support, but have unexpected possibility (The opposite is Agenda-driven science).

  • In this request, we call ‘Blue skies research’ as a high-impact and innovative research in which POSTECH can be world-leading.