Tae-Joon Park Digital Library

Opened in early 2003, the Tae-Joon Park Digital Library has six floors with over 25,000 square meters of floor space and provides 1,150 seats. This new state-of-the-art facility provides seminar rooms for meetings and lectures, 50 group study rooms, reading tables and browsing sofas.
Shelved accordingly to the Library of Congress Classification Number System (LCCN), the reference materials, book collections and academic journals are located on floors two through four of the library. All materials stored in the library can be found via the web-based online public access catalog, Digital LINNET.

The multimedia section located on the fifth floor is a popular space for students to utilize and experience various media resources, including audio cassettes, videotapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, LDs and other amenities supporting their education and leisure. The library now has a collection of over 355,000 books, 2,900 journal titles and 24,000 multimedia resources.

On the sixth floor of the library is the Cyber Cafe, where students can take a break from their studies with drinks and snacks. There is also a small snack shop which sells items such as cookies, chips, drinks and sandwiches.

Reaching beyond its current holdings, the library has made extensive provisions for various applications of the latest information technology. The library’s online system forms a part of the campus-wide network and is accessible from anywhere on and off campus. Through this online system, users are able to access a broad range of bibliographic and full-text information such as electronic journals and books as well as search networked CD-ROM databases. The library provides 8,174 e-journals, 23,598 e-books and 15 academic databases.

The library places an equal emphasis on providing quality services for its users. A highly trained and experienced staff assists library users in a variety of ways, from the selection, acquisition and cataloguing of materials to providing assistance in using the library’s collections, online services and interlibrary loans.

Last Modified : 2016-10-04