CHAPTER 10 – Graduate School Committee

2013-07-30 451

Article 51 (Composition)

The Graduate School Committee is composed of up to eleven faculty members of this university assigned by the President, including the Dean of the Graduate School, who is assigned to chair the committee.

Article 52 (Committee Member Term)

The term of a committee member is two years, but those newly appointed to fill vacancies serve the remaining term of their predecessor.

Article 53 (Committee Resolutions)

The Graduate School Committee deliberates and resolves the following:
(i) Issues related with admission, completion, & the awarding of degrees
(ii) Issues related with the opening & closure of departments or majors, and student quotas
(iii) Issues related with the education of students and research
(iv) Issues related with stipulations on the operation of and opening & closure of graduate school programs
(v) Issues related with open lectures and research assistants
(vi) Issues related with student punishment
(vii) Issues related with scholarships & payment of research stipends
(viii) Other issues related with graduate school operation.

Article 54 (Convocation of Committee & Resolution)

The Graduate School Committee is convened by a call from the Dean of the Graduate School when necessary, and resolutions are made when voted for by more than half of the registered members.

Article 55 (Compliance)

For issues not specifically stipulated in this Regulation, POSTECH University Regulations are observed.

Article 56 : Deleted