CHAPTER 2 – Admission and Readmission

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Article 5 (Admissions Period)

The admissions period for the Graduate School is no later than 30 days before the start of each semester.

Article 6 (Eligibility )

(1) Those applying for the Master’s or Integrative Programs should have a bachelor’s degree or other qualifications equivalent to it.
(2) Those applying for the Doctoral Program should have a master’s degree or other qualifications equivalent to it.

Article 7 (Application)

(1) Those applying for each department of the Graduate School should submit the following documents required for each program and pay the examination fee.
(i) Applicants for Master’s or Integrative Programs – Application Form, University Graduation Certificate or Proof for Expected Graduation, Four-Year Undergraduate Academic Records, and Research Outcome or Research Plan
(ii) Applicants for Doctoral Program – Application Form, Master’s Degree Award or Proof of Expected Master’s Degree Award, Undergraduate & Graduate Academic Records, Separate copy of Master’s Thesis
(2) Those under the Master’s Program who want to apply for the Integrative Program should complete the Application Form and submit it to the Dean of the Graduate School.

Article 8 (Examination for Admission) 

(1) Examination for admission to Graduate School is as follows, but, if necessary, the President can waive the examination or offer alternatives.
(i) Written test
(ii) Document appraisal on academic capability and achievement
(iii) Oral test on major
(2) Details of the examination for those currently in the Master’s Program but who want to apply for the Integrative Program are provided separately.

Article 9 (Admission Procedure)

Those admitted should submit required documents and make necessary payment.

Article 10 (Readmission)

(1) When those who have voluntarily resigned or have been dismissed want to be readmitted, they can be readmitted within the admission quota of the year concerned after being accepted by the Graduate School Committee. However, those falling in one of the following categories cannot be readmitted:
(i) Those whose total term of study has exceeded that stipulated in Article 15(3).
(ii) Those who were suspended as stipulated in Article 15(4).
(2) In regard to category
(i) above, the years spent in military service are not included in the total term of study.
(3) Credits earned previously by those readmitted are reappraised in consideration of the contents of courses.