Customized Admissions Counseling for Prospective Applicants to the Graduate School of Engineering Mastership

2015-06-12 747
 Customized Admissions Counseling for Prospective Applicants
to the Graduate School of Engineering Mastership
Established to train and foster global engineering professionals, the Graduate School of Engineering Mastership (GEM) is the first graduate program in Korea that provides world-class engineering education. 
For any prospective applicants from POSTECH, we offer one-on-one counseling sessions with our professors from each field of GEM to provide detailed and customized information on admissions and academic opportunities available at GEM. Anyone interested is welcome to participate.
1. Counseling Application Period : June 15 (Monday) – July 10 (Friday), 2015
2. How to Apply : Fill in the information below and send it to
Major (Dept)/Student ID No:
Contact Information (Mobile/E-mail):
Desired Professor for Counseling: 

3. Counseling Procedure

After your counseling application is submitted, the GEM administrative staff will arrange a schedule with your desired professor and inform you of the available date(s) and location.

4. Contact Information 

Administrative office, Graduate School of Engineering Mastership 
Tel. 279-0145; Email: