[Photo Essay] First In-Person Matriculation Ceremony Held in 4 Years

2023-03-21 168

[First In-Person Matriculation Ceremony Held in 4 Years]

The 2023 matriculation ceremony was held in-person for the first time in four years on February 17 at the POSTECH Auditorium.

<Ponix mascot posing for pictures with family members>

<New Postechians in gowns, waiting for the ceremony to begin>

<Ms. Jeongha Yoon, entering class of 2021 (Department of Electrical Engineering), hosting the 2023 matriculation ceremony>

<Distinguished guests enter the auditorium>

At the 2023 matriculation ceremony, a total of 797 students were admitted, including 365 undergraduate, 192 master’s, 72 doctoral, and 168 MS/PhD integrated program students.

<Academic report by Professor Gyoo Yeol Jung, vice president of academic affairs>

<President Moo Hwan Kim delivers the matriculation speech>

As he began his matriculation speech, President Moo Hwan Kim asked the new Postechians for a moment to get up from their seats to thank their family who attended the ceremony. President Kim then congratulated and welcomed the new Postechians, emphasizing the importance of community and understanding each other’s differences through a story about Kauri trees in New Zealand.
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<Welcome speech by Professor Eunjin Oh from the Department of Computer Engineering>

President Kim’s speech was followed by the welcome speech by Professor Eunjin Oh, a POSTECH alumnus and currently a POSTECH professor in the Department of Computer Engineering. Professor Oh gave a warm welcome to the new Postechians and encouraged them to experience a sense of achievement through new challenges in a new environment.

<Talk show hosted by the President>

A talk with the president, professors, upper classmen and new Postechians followed. It was hosted by President Moo Hwan Kim, Professor Eunjin Oh, student council president Uison Ju, and freshman representatives Hyunmo Gu (Mueunjae School of Undergraduate Studies) and Sehyeon Kim (Department of Semiconductor Engineering). They discussed the cycle of the college life, from admissions to graduation, including school life, choosing a major, finding a job, and clubs available on campus.

<Group photo of the entering class of 2023>

In the afternoon following the ceremony, a session was held for the parents of new students at the POSCO International Center. About 300 parents attended to learn about the vision and strategies of the university.

<President Moo Hwan Kim delivers his welcome speech>

The seminar was designed as a time to share POSTECH’s educational goals, academic system, school life, scholarships, as well as the vision and values pursued by the university.

In the Q&A session that followed, parents had time to directly address their questions to the POSTECH leadership. Ideas were freely exchanged on various topics, from questions related to students’ careers after graduation, curriculum, off-campus semester system, graduate school admissions, and employment, to special military service and POSTECH’s plans to establish a research-oriented medical school.