Guidelines on Cluster Center Services

2015-04-20 890
Guidelines on Cluster Center Services

Cluster center services have been designed for the efficient operation of space and utility of the cluster computing equipment on campus. Please refer to the guidelines on cluster center services as shown below.

■ Location and Scale
    • Tae-Joon Park Digital Library (Room No. 117), 254.5
㎡, capability of accommodating 63        server racks
    • Currently 60% of maximum accommodating space is under operation, and receiving            application forms until the accommodating space becomes full (users will be selected            based on the order of application forms)

■ Use
    • Services are only provided in relation to the cluster equipment of university-affiliated,            self-supporting, and university-related organizations
    • Both existing and new equipment are available for use
    • Only the rack type equipment is available for use

■ Services
    • Provision of Data Center Environment
      – equipment installation space, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), temperature and             humidity controlled, gas firefighting equipment, leak proof facilities
      – network environment (remote access) and physical/system security environment
   * No changes have been made to the existing operation of cluster equipment
     (independently operated and maintained by each department)

■ Fee

 Fee per Rack
University-affiliated Organization
44,000 KRW/month
• monthly maintenance fee / number of accommodating racks
Self-supporting Organization,
University-related Organization
44,000 KRW/month
+ electricity fee
• (monthly maintenance fee / number of accommodating racks) + electricity fee (reflection of actual value)

■ Contact Information
     • Tel. 279-2517
     • E-mail :