Input of Personal Information for New Graduate Student

2016-03-02 803
Input of Personal Information for New Graduate Student
Personal information verification, input, and submitting photo for new graduate students will be made during the appointed period below. Thus, please check the personal information and submit the ID photo file on time.
■ Period: Wed.,Mar.2 – Tue.,Mar.8, 2016
■ How to: Log on to POVIS, Academic Affairs / Student Information
    1. Personal Information Verification and Input Requirements: General personal information,    
        family information, bank account (where scholarship will be forwarded), address, etc.
    2. To verify and file your personal information : Refer to the attached document
    3. Required Fields
      – Name in English (Necessary for Certificates in English and diploma)
      – military service list :
       : military serial number(군번), military service(병역), Armed forces(군별),
         military service start day(군복무시작일), military service end day(군복무종료일),
         rank(계급), status(보직), military occupational specialty(주특기)
     – Family Info.
     – Bank Account No.(Grant Account changeable, except for undergraduates)
     – Address : Contact Info.(used to forward announcements)
■ Submitting Papers
    1. Submitting Pictures
      – Please send your ID photo file to your department office.
      – You ID photo must be saved in the following format
        : Your Student ID Number.jpg
    2. Submitting Personal Information Card
     – Please send Printing your "Personal Information Card" to your department office
■ Contact: Educational Affairs and Records (☎ 054-279-2444)