Kim Wook Special Meal Day

2015-11-02 930
 "Kim Wook Special Meal Day"
Former professor Kwang S. Kim(Dept. of Chemistry) was selected as the National Scientist 2010 and donated his entire cash prize to the university to provide special meals to students. 
Honoring Prof. Kim’s wish, the university has designated the Students Day, which is on November 3rd every year, as the Kim Wook Special Meal Day and will be providing a special meal annually.
Details on this year’s special meal are as follows.
  – Date &Time: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 (5:30pm ~ 7:00pm)
  – Venue: Freedom Cafeteria (Student Dining Hall) at Jigok Community Center
  – Menu: Tenderloin Steak
    * Each student still has to purchase a meal ticket at regular price(₩2,500)
Despite Prof. Kim’s wish to provide the meals to all students, we regret that we can only accommodate 1,500 people due to the limitation in our facilities. Your understanding will be much appreciated.
※ We ask the family members of the students to refrain from attending the event in order to offer the special meal to as many students as possible.