Lee vows support for basic science research

2012-05-18 1,319

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President Lee Myung-bak vowed Thursday to provide policy support to develop the country’s basic science research.

“We have so far copied and followed advanced technologies,” Lee said in an international symposium celebrating the opening of the Institute for Basic Science in Daejeon, some 150 kilometers south of Seoul.

“In order to make it into the advanced, top-class nations, we have to make a history of creation based on basic science and fundamental technologies,” he added, noting that he will provide all possible support to make the research center a globally recognized “dream institute.”

The IBS was established in Daejeon in 2011, as a part of the government’s 5.2 trillion won ($4.5 billion) science belt project, with the aim of developing human resources through basic scientific research.

Earlier this month, 10 of Korea’s top scientists, including chemist Kim Ki-moon from POSTECH and biologist Kim V. Narry from Seoul National University, were named to lead the state-run research center.

The IBS is planning to appoint 15 more directors within the year and appoint a total of 50 research directors by 2017.

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