Many of POSTECH Alumni Appointed to Top Spots at Leading Universities

2014-04-14 1,241

 POSTECH Alumni Appointed to Top Spots at Leading Universities


Many of POSTECH alumni go on to great heights in the field of higher education. Their appointment as professors and deans to some of the world’s top universities is evidence that POSTECH produces graduates who are well-respected for their research and leadership abilities.
Professor Youngjun Son (BS ‘96) took office as the dean of the Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering at the University of Arizona. His career has received special attention because he was hired as a professor at the University of Arizona at the age of 26 and was promoted to full professor in only 10 years. He received the Outstanding Mentor of Graduate/Professional Students award from the Graduate and Professional Student Council at the University of Arizona in 2013.
Professor Sungchul Choi (PhD ‘12) and Professor Namhyoung Kim (PhD ‘13), graduates of the integrated MS-PhD program, were appointed as professors to the Department of Industrial Engineering and to the Department of Applied Statistics at Gachon University respectively. Professor Choi did his post-doctoral work at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. Professor Kim became the first professor at Gachon University to be appointed without post-doctoral experience.
After serving as a chief researcher at Samsung Display, Professor Soondo Hong (MS ‘96) was invited to be a professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Pusan National University. Professor Byungsoo Na (BS ‘00) was appointed as a professor to the Division of Business Administration at Korea University (Sejong Campus) through the Georgia Institute of Technology and Samsung Electronics.  
Head Professor Kwangjae Kim of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering was happy to hear that his department’s alumni are fostering young students all over the world. “This good news proves that POSTECH’s outstanding educational outcome is greatly acknowledged at home and abroad,” he said. “I will continue to develop a variety of programs and research initiatives to nurture future leaders in the field of industrial and management engineering."