MASAM 1.0 Introduced

2009-08-24 1,758
A multi-platform supporting mobile applications software development environment technology has been developed. More than 30% of current development effort is expected to be saved through the new environment.

Professor Kyo-Chul Kang (Department of Computer Science and Engineering) and his research team have joined efforts with Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in the Mobile Platform based Application Development (MoPAD) project which launched in March 2007 with the support of Institute for Information Technology Advancement.

The first report of the research outcomes took place on January 6, 2009, through which development of Mobile Application Software Agile Methodology (MASAM) 1.0 was announced.

MASAM 1.0 is a development methodology for mobile application software based on reusable architectures and components. It adopts the agile methodology, simplifying the process and reducing the time and effort required for development, easing the burden of the developers in swiftly coming up with new products.

The new development environment supports different platforms, solving the drawback of the existing technology which called for duplicate development of the same software to fit each platform. It minimizes the development effort and increases productivity, improving both quality and reliability of mobile application software.

In efforts to effectively commercialize the technology, the research team has developed architecture and framework of the level applicable on-site, which are currently going through the inspection routine, the final product scheduled to be introduced in the first half of 2009.