Medical Science and Biomedical Engineering Experts to Meet at POSTECH

2022-09-22 195

[POSTECH Signature Conference 2022 will be held on October 11 – 12 at POSTECH]

[The conference invites top medical scientists and engineers around the world to exchange ideas across different fields]

The POSTECH Signature Conference 2022, an international conference on medical science and engineering, will be held at the POSCO International Center next month on October 11-12. This is the first conference that POSTECH is hosting on the future of biomedical science and engineering since announcing its vision for fostering future medical scientists.

The conference provides a venue to meet with world-leading experts from around the world. Innovative research from top scientists, including Korea’s sole nominee for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, will be presented along with the latest research trends.

Most notably, Wayne M. Yokoyama, the associate dean of Washington University in St. Louis, and Professor Jonathan L. Sessler of the University of Texas at Austin will speak during the plenary session. Dr. Yokoyama is an outstanding medical scientist who plays a key role in educating physician-scientists, and Professor Sessler leads the convergence research on medicine and science.

In addition, Professor Zhenan Bao of Stanford University, who is one of the world’s best scientists in the field of bioelectronic materials and devices, Professor Kam W. Leong of Columbia University, a scholar in regenerative medicine, and Taeghwan Hyeon, a chair professor at Seoul National University and Korea’s sole nominee for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, will also present during the plenary session.

For the two days of the conference, the world’s best researchers and scholars are expected to hold in-depth discussions on new drug development, medical engineering, and regenerative medicine.

Those who wish to participate in the conference can register on the POSTECH Conference Organizer (PCO) website at In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will be held in a hybrid mode – both in-person and online.

The POSTECH Signature Conference 2022 is supported by Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, city of Pohang, and Changwon Hanmaeum Hospital, among others.