Members of POSTECH Give to Those in Need

2020-03-06 458

[Faculty and staff donate to the underprivileged in Pohang.]

POSTECH presented the funds raised through the “Small Donations, Big Love Project – Give a Little of Your Salary” campaign to the Community Chest of Korea last month to help the underprivileged people in our community.

The ‘Small Donations, Big Love Project” began when university members, including professors, staff, and researchers, voluntarily started donating amounts less than 1,000 won or 10,000 won from their monthly salary. About 15.4 million won (USD 12,951) collected since 2018 through its 140 participants will be used to help those in need in Pohang.

Through this campaign, POSTECH has donated 11.61 million won (USD 9,764) 2016 and 6.68 million won (USD 5,617) in 2017 to help North Korean defectors, to provide scholarships and living expenses for the youth, and to donate coal briquettes and rice. In 2017, POSTECH donated 33.75 million won (USD 28,383) collected by its members to Handong University, which was hard hit by the earthquake.

President Kim commented, “I hope that the small donation from our members will help those neighbors in need.” He added, “If beautiful hearts come together to give, we can create a better world together.”