Minister of Science, ICT, and Future Planning Visits POSTECH and APGC-Lab

2015-10-27 534
Yang-hee Choi

Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Yang-hee Choi, paid a visit to POSTECH on Monday, October 12. Upon the invitation of President Doh-Yeon Kim, Minister Choi visited the APGC-Lab at the Jigok Research Building and the Pohang Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (CCEI) at C5 to witness the growing collaboration of university and local economy and to encourage tenant companies and entrepreneurs. 
The POSTECH APGC-Lab, a startup incubator founded and supported by POSTECH and Association of POSTECH Grown Companies (APGC), opened in September 2014. Since its launch, the APGC-Lab has provided opportunities and support for student entrepreneurs to connect with experienced alumni and grow into hidden champions under their mentorship and guidance.
Minister Choi had a meeting with startup teams participating in the APGC-Lab’s coaching programs and lent an ear to their concerns and needs in the field. In particular, the minister took great interest in learning the APGC-Lab’s activities and strategies to cultivate the entrepreneurship among the student body as the APGC-Lab is a unique, experimental business incubator that leads POSTECH’s technology commercialization.
Following the APGC-Lab tour, Minister Choi moved on to look around the Pohang CCEI’s Dream Venture Lounge where tenant companies and their products are introduced.