Move-in to Dormitories in Fall 2013 (August 14, 2013)

2013-08-20 949
Move-in to Dormitories in Fall 2013

● Students who applied for the continued use of dormitory on POVIS between Fri, Aug 2 and Fri, Aug 9 do not have to apply for the move-in. (※ Students may submit room change requests starting Mon, Aug 26 if needed.) 
● Information about move-in to the renovated dormitory building #2 or #4 
– Students who resided in either building in the spring semester of 2013 will be given priority to the renovated building and only vacant dorm rooms will be available to other students.
– Dormitory building #2 will be offered only to graduate students and building #4 to undergraduate students.
– Dormitory fees (for Fall 2013) will be KRW 450,000/4months for undergraduate students and KRW 675,000/6 months for graduate students, respectively.

[ Move-in Application ]
1. Eligibility: △Students who return from leave △Students who return to school after completing Student Exchange Program or Study Abroad Program △Students who reside off-campus
2. Application Period (on POVIS): Starting Mon, Aug 26, 2013
3. How to Apply: Please refer to the attachment. [ Move-in Dates ] Starting Thu, Aug 29, 2013

[ Contact Information ]
– Please call us at 188 (on-campus) or (054)279-0188 (off-campus)
e-mail :
Attachments : Housing rates per dormitory building Manual for move-in application August 14, 2013 POSTECH Dormitory Director

Please refer to the information about dormitory housing for the fall semester of 2013.