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Nano-sized Bullet Developed to Remove 10nm Pollutants (2012.4.19)

2012-06-20 1,394

POSETCH researchers have successfully developed the particle beam technique to eliminate nanometer-sized contaminant particles (CPs) of nano-scale devices, for the first time in the world.
A research team led by Professor Jin Won Lee of the Department of Mechanical Engineering has succeeded in developing the technology to completely remove 10 nm-sized CPs using a revolutionary beam technique that uses nanometer-sized bullet particles (BPs) moving at supersonic speed. The research result has been published in the online edition of Nanoscale Research Letters on Apr. 11.
Due to the attraction by surface energy, the world’s most progressive technique in eliminating nano-scale contaminants has been limited to dealing with 30 nm particles. Carbon dioxide BPs, generated by gas-phase nucleation, grow in a supersonic nozzle and clean CPs with optimized size and velocity. The new technology is expected to become vital to the production of 10 nm-sized semiconductors.
Prof. Lee said, “With the development of nano-sized contaminants removal techn- ology, the efficiency of nanotechnology-applied devices will improve dramatically. In particular, the technology can also be applied to numerous nano-processing technologies in biological engineering and material processing.”

* The Postech Times : Reporter Lee Suh-young