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Campus Culture Blooms Again After Four Years read more
Metaverse education blossoms in POSTECH Nikkie Asia
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Prof. Hyoung-Seup Kim Honored with Hyeoksin Medal of Order of Science and Technology Merit  read more Professor Gil-Ho Lee Receives the Prime Minister’s Award read more
Su-Jin Choi Selected for AI Training Program at Carnegie Mellon U  read more Enrollment Open for Apple Developer Academy @ POSTECH  read more
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Ultra-soft and Highly Stretchable Hydrogel-based Sensor for Monitoring Overactive Bladder Modern living seems to have exacerbated the conditions of our gut. There is an escalating... read more
Attracting Stem Cells and Facilitating Bone Regeneration by Adhesive Protein A joint research team of POSTECH, Kyungpook 
                                    National University, and Korea University Anam... read more The New Normal Already? Examining Changing Probability of a Summer-like Fall In October 2021, South Korea experienced a heatwave of an unprecedented magnitude.  read more
The Hidden Culprit Behind Nitrogen Dioxide Emissions Nitrogen dioxide is one of the criteria air pollutants that plays an important role as a precursor gas of fine particulate matter and ozone. read more
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