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“POSTECH Partners with Facebook after Samsung and Apple
Collaborations Between POSTECH Faculty and Google on the Rise
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Collaborations Between POSTECH Faculty and Google on the Rise
Skin-attachable Auditory Sensor that Functions Even in Noisy Environments All Solid-State LiDAR Sensor that Sees 360°
Water for Drinking? Nope, Water for Batteries Exploring the World Inside the Body with Shining Fibers
Gossypetin Found in Hibiscus May Beat Alzheimer’s Disease Neutralize Stronger COVID-19 Variants
Professor Seokhwan Hwang Wins Excellence Award at Hyundai E&C Technology Competition
POSTECH Student Affairs held a cooking class at the Pohang LOTTE Department Store Cultural Center on November 4th as an exclusive program for 7 POSCO GYP (Global Young Leaders Program) students.
Bogyeong Temple Field Trip with POSTECH International Students
Graduate Students Jinhyeok Park and Dain Kim Win at International Algorithm Contest
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