Notice of Additional Academic Changes for Fall Semester, 2021

2021-08-09 252

Considering the seriousness of the 4th pandemic of COVID19 and the consistent outbreak of COVID-19 in our area, this Fall semester will start with Non-face-to-face classes. All university members and students refer to the following information and prepare the academic plans with caution for the Fall semester, 2021.

1. Non-face-to-face classes
– Whole POSTECH classes will be ready for the non-face-to-face starting for this fall semester.
1) Period: Five weeks from the start of this Fall semester (6, Sep. to 8. Oct.)
2) Subject: POSTECH’s all classes including experiment
* Graduate course’s classes also included

2. Dormitory related
1) Regardless of whether or not participate in face-to-face classes, students who wish to enter can apply for the Dormitory
– Students’ want to enter the Dormitory should follow the POSTECH Housing Services & Infectious Disease Control’s Guidelines thoroughly.
2) More information refer to the ‘Information on the plan for the operation of the summer vacation and second semester of 2021’ posted on Student Notice Board (POVIS bulletin).

3. Course Registration Confirmation and Add/Drop Period
– The previously announced Course Registration Confirmation and Add/Drop Period remains the same as the changed schedule (8.30 to 9.15).

4. Academic Changes after Week 6 of this Fall semester
– Academic policy whether face-to-face classes starts or not after the Week 6(11, October~) would be announced by 27, September.

5. Inquiry
A. Academic Changes related
– Educational Affairs (279-2445, shawnjeong@postech)
B. Each class plan related
– Refer to the syllabus or contact the office of the each department