Notice on the Extended Online Course Period & Academic Administration 

2020-03-23 479

Notice on the Extended Online Course Period & Academic Administration

Due to the widespread of the COVID-19, we regret to inform you that the online course period will be extended. Please check the below for details. We hope to gain your understanding and cooperation.

1. Extension of Online Course Period

  1. • 7 weeks from the first day of semester (until May 1, 2020)
  2. • Dormitory admission for undergraduate student will start on May 1
  3. • In case of further extension/early termination, the notice will be announced 2 weeks prior to the effective date

2. Important Notice on 2020 Spring Semester Academic Administration

  1. • Focused Period for Supplementary Classes (June 29 – July 24) will be arranged for courses that require face-to-face classes such as experiments, hands-on and physical exercises.
  2. • Shortened Summer Session period (July 27 – August 21)
  3. • Partial Changes in Academic Calendar: Spring grades due (July 31), Postponement of 2020 Spring Commencement ceremony (August 28)
  4. • Cancellation of Sunrise Festival

3. Academic administration of courses requiring face-to-face instructions such as experiments and hands-on exercises

  1. A. Basic policy
  2. 1) After the end of Online Course Period, supplementary classes can be arranged until the end of the semester or during the Focused Supplementary Class Period (June 27 – July 24) during summer recess.
  3. 2) Courses essential for students planning to graduate in August and foundation courses for first-year undergraduates will remain open for 2020 Spring semester. The curriculum will be operated following policy 1).
  4. 3) Courses that are expected to have other difficulties may be operated during the summer session. (No additional tuition fee will be imposed on students)
  5. 4) Course cancellation and withdrawal will be approved exceptionally (April 27 – May 1) for courses that are impacted by the implementation of policy 1) and 2).
  6. B. Details on Policy
  7. 1) Type of operational plan for each course (official request will be sent)
  8. ※ Course syllabus should be established based on the current plans, but the possibility of extended online course period must also be taken into account.
Type Operational Plan Notes
Type ① Classes are either cancelled or substituted with alternative assignments during the online course period.
Courses that will operate by offering supplementary classes on weekends after the end of online course period and during focused supplementary class period (June 29 – July 24).
– Courses with experiment and hands-on exercises and are degree requirements
– Basic courses for first-year undergraduates
Type ② Courses that are cancelled for 2020 Spring semester and are scheduled to be offered during the Summer session.
  1. 2) Types of supplementary class operation
Type Operation Period Notes
Weekend Supplementary Classes during 2020 Spring Semester
(May 4 – June 26)
– From the end of the online course period to the end of 2020 Spring semester – In case of a change in the online course period, additional announcements will be made two weeks prior to the effective date
Focused Supplementary Class Period
(June 27 – July 24)
– Up to 4 weeks depending on the amount of course materials missed – Accepted as grades for 2020 spring semester
– Supplementary class period may be shortened at the discretion of professor
Summer Session
(July 27 – August 21)
– Applicable to courses that are cancelled for 2020 Spring semester and will be offered for the Summer session
– Re-opened courses are scheduled to operate in parallel with the regular Summer session courses
(Morning classes: Regular Summer session courses, Afternoon classes: Re-opened Spring semester)
– Summer session has been postponed and is shortened to 4 weeks

※ Separate class schedules will be arranged for first-year undergraduate courses and will be announced in due time.

  1. C. Notes for academic administration
  2. 1) Grade processing
  3. – Grades for courses operating during focused supplementary class period and courses that re-open during Summer session will be accepted as credits earned in Spring semester. This policy does NOT apply for regular Summer session courses.
  4. 2) Credit-transfer Exam for Newly Admitted Students
  5. – The exam will not take place for students admitted in 2020
  6. 3) Commencement for 2020 Spring
  7. – Postponed to August 28, 2020 (Commencement ceremony: February 5, 2021)
  8. ※ No changes made to the 2019 Commencement ceremony (postponed to July 10)
  9. 4) Regular Summer session
  10. – The period for Summer session will be shortened to 4 weeks, and the regular Summer semester courses will be operated in parallel with re-opened Spring semester courses.
  11. (Before change: July 6 – August 14; After change: July 27 – August 21)
  12. 5) Academic Adjustment on Types(① &②) of Operational Plan
  13. – Following the extension of online course period, the course cancellation and withdrawal period will be extended. (From April 27 to May 1)

4. Revised Academic Calendar for 2020 Spring Semester

Year M Schedule Contents Additional info.
2020 3 Mar. 18th(Wed) ∼ Mar. 25th(Wed) Course Registration Confirmation and Add/Drop Period
4 ~ Apr. 3rd(Fri) Classification on Types of Operational Plan for Each Course Experiment and hands-on exercises
Apr. 6th(Mon) ~ May 15th(Fri) Course Withdrawal Period
Apr. 10th(Fri) 1/4 of Semester: Last Day to Apply for Transfer of Credits
~ Apr. 17th(Fri) Confirmation on Types of Operational Plan and Announcement of Supplementary Class Schedule Focused Supplementary Classes: Class with experiment and hands-on exercises
~ Apr. 24th(Fri) Announcement of Details on S upplementary Class sShedule Focused Supplementary Classes: Class with experiment and hands-on exercises
Apr. 27th(Mon) ~ May. 1st(Fri) Course Cancellation and Withdrawal in Focused Supplementary Classes Period Focused Supplementary Classes: Class with experiment and hands-on exercises
5 May. 4th(Mon) First day of Face-to-face Class with the Weekend Supplementary Classes Experiment and practice courses
May. 4th(Mon) ~ 8th(Fri) Midterm Exam Period
May. 4th(Mon) ∼ Jun. 26th(Fri) Weekend Supplementary Classes 5.4 ~ 6. 26
May. 8th(Fri) 2/4 of Semester
May. 25th(Mon) First Day to Browse Course Catalog for Summer Session & Fall Semester
May. 28th(Thu) ∼ 29th(Fri) Sunrise Festival Canceled
Jun. 5th(Fri) 3/4 of Semester: Last Day to Submit Leave of Absence Petitions
Jun. 8th(Mon) ~ 26th(Fri) Fall 2020 Major Selection Period for Mueunjae School of Undergraduate Studies
Jun. 22nd(Mon) ~ 26th(Fri) Final Examinations
Jun. 29th(Mon) ~ Jul. 24th(Fri) Focused Supplementary Class Period Maximum 4 weeks
Jun. 29th(Mon) ~ Sep. 4th(Fri) Summer Recess For 10 weeks
7 Jul. 3rd(Fri) Last Day to Petition for Readmission (for Fall 2020)
Jul. 3rd(Fri) Last Day to Submit Reports on Final Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Defense (for August Degree Candidates)
Jul. 6th(Mon) ~ 14th(Tue) Fall 2020 MS-Ph.D. Integrated Program Withdrawal Period
Jul. 10th(Fri) Last Day to Submit Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations (for August Degree Candidates)
Jul. 10th(Fri) 2019 Commencement
Jul. 27th(Mon) ~ 8. 21st(Fri) Summer Session Shortened to 4 weeks
A few Spring semester classes will be re-opened
Jul. 31st(Fri) Last Day to Submit Grades
8 Aug. 5th(Wed) Last Day to Petition for Grade Adjustments,
Last Day to Withdraw from Summer Session Courses
Aug. 17th(Mon) Confirmation of Grade for Spring 2020
Aug. 24th(Mon) ~ Aug. 27th(Thu) Fall 2020 Enrollment Period
Aug. 24th(Mon) ~ Sep. 4th(Fri) Fall 2020 Change of Major & Returning Students Online Submission Period
Aug. 28th(Fri) Degrees Awarded (Commencement: Feb. 5, 2021),
Last Day to Petition for Grade Adjustments(Summer Session Course)
9 Sep. 7th(Mon) Confirmation of Grade for Spring 2020,
First Day of Fall Semester

5. Additional Notes & Requests

  1. Courses that require face-to-face instructions may be operated during the focused supplementary class period or summer session according to the decision of the professor. We acknowledge that the revised policy can affect students’ schedule on weekends and summer recess but we hope to gain your understanding as it is an inevitable measure for students’ education.
    In addition, the above information was established on the premise that the face-to-face instruction is effective from May 4. Please note that the information is subject to change depending on the progress of COVID-19 situation.
    There may be inconveniences in conducting/taking online classes, but we are asking for your kind understanding and cooperation on online class operation to promote the safety of all POSTECH members. Thank you.


  1. Chang-Sun Oh, Director of Educational Affairs (279-2441,