[Photo Essay] Campus Blooms Again After Four Years

2023-05-24 212

1. ‘Old is Made New’ Log Cabin 2.0 Opens
On May 10, the POSTECH Log Cabin – closed during COVID-19 and went under renovations – reopened under the new name of “Log Cabin 2.0.”

POSTECH Log Cabin has been around for almost 35 years after opening its doors in October 1989 as “Korea’s first campus bar.”

<통집의 과거와 현재>

The walls of Log Cabin are covered with messages scribbled by diners who have passed through the bar over the years, rousing a feeling of nostalgia for many Postechians.

When Postechians heard about the renovation, many wondered if these marking would be removed, but the majority of them has been preserved, while the interior has been refined.

The Log Cabin remodeling project was made even more special by the donations from more than 250 professors, alumni, students, and staff.

Since Log Cabin 2.0 was made possible by the contributions of those who love the place, it will be a wonderful spot for Postechians who cherish their memories, as well as for those who want to make new ones.

▷ Go to the Log Cabin Remodeling Fund

2. 2023 Sunrise Festival ‘RISE’

The 2023 Sunrise Festival was held for two days from May 11.

<Cheeringleading Performance by CHEERO (photo by The POSTECH Times)>

<Festival Booths (photo by Student Affairs Team)>

The theme of the festival was “RISE,” which means to bloom again, resuming the festival after a four-year hiatus due to COVID-19 and to provide an event that everyone could enjoy.

<Food trucks (photo by The POSTECH Times)>

<Jigok 78 Stairs were decorated according to the concept of the festival.>

During the festival, departments, clubs, and student organizations operated food and bar stands, and student dance groups and musicians delivered stunning performances that they had spent hours perfecting.

There were also other fun events such as e-Sports (League of Legends) competition and bubble suit games.

<e-Sports Competition @Colosseum (photo by The POSTECH Times)>

<Bubble Suit Games (photo by Student Affairs Team) >

From the performances of guest singers Hyorin, Cheeze, and Nerd Connection to the fireworks that capped off the festival, Postechians were able to enjoy a romantic May in their own way.