POSTECH and Lablup Inc. Join Hands for Collaborative Research

2020-06-01 212

[Expansion in research partnership in areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and high performance computing (HPC)]

POSTECH and Lablup Inc. have joined hands for an active exchange and close collaboration in AI research.

The two institutions recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to expand their academic-industrial collaboration in the areas of AI and HPC and to strengthen their industrial competitiveness.

The MOU outlines the overall cooperation between the two organizations in using the AI platform developed by Lablup – Backend.AI – and strengthening the cooperative framework for joint research and internship for the research development and innovation in AI platforms and cloud technology.

To succeed in education and research of AI and HPC, large scale computing capabilities and administrative tools are vital. In addition, considerable amount of personnel and materials are needed to build a customized software-developing environment for each researcher.

In light of this, the two organizations are planning to support POSTECH researchers in their research of data and computational science, such as AI and HPC, by utilizing Lablup’s AI platform and its vast cloud computing resources.

Lablup Inc. is a startup founded by POSTECH alumnus Jeongkyu Shin that developed an AI platform called Backened.AI and provides services through it. Recognized for its high technological expertise in AI and HPC platforms and cloud solutions, Lablup won the Minister’s Award (Minister of Science and ICT) at the 2019 K-ICT Korea Internet Awards.