POSTECH and SK Hynix Join Hands for Social Data Science

2020-09-14 234

20200828_포스텍-SK하이닉스 업무협약_기사내부1

On August 28, POSTECH and SK Hynix Inc. established a partnership for developing the Social Data Science major successfully.

Through this partnership, the two institutions will cooperate closely in education and research for making progress in social data science, and to work together to nurture research specialists and joint research.

SK협약 대표 배너 사진_기사내부2_수정

The agreement includes funding for cultivating research specialists, commissioning personnel and educational programs, co-hosting conferences, seminars and workshops, and exchanging and utilizing technical information. In addition, they will organize and operate active research and technology exchange groups to strengthen substantial cooperation.

The signing ceremony was replaced with the exchange of agreements by mail to prevent the re-proliferation COVID-19.