POSTECH and Solidware Agree to Conduct Joint Research and Nurture Experts in AI

2020-06-24 246


POSTECH and Solidware – a company specializing in AI technology – signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate in AI research and raise AI experts. With the goal to commercialize AI technology, the two organizations will jointly conduct R&D in the following three areas: new technologies, new industries, and new education.

The two organizations will engage in developing new technologies that have practical use in the field, including unsupervised learning and time series; new areas such as calculating credit loan limits and developing health insurance products using health care data; and in developing new curriculum to raise AI specialists and data translators to liaise between industries.

In light of this, Solidware has donated DAVinCI LABS, an AI-based data analytics system developed by their team, to POSTECH. They are also planning to operate an internship program for nurturing AI experts.

DAVinCI LABS is an automated machine learning solution (AutoML) that is loaded with the technical skills and know-how of AI specialists. It has been exported to various countries like Japan, Thailand and Vietnam to be used in industrial sectors.

POSTECH Professor Byung-In Kim of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering emphasized the importance of practical AI research and education, stating, “We look forward to partnering with Solidware in specific areas of AI-X, especially in finance, education, research and commercialization, and in nurturing industrial AI experts at POSTECH.”