POSTECH Computer Science and AI School Professors Partake in Microsoft’s Joint Research Project

2020-06-04 375


Professors from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence (GSAI) at POSTECH have been selected to participate in a collaborative research project with Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA). MSRA is a research institute of the highest caliber and boasts the world’s finest capabilities in AI.

The project is part of the global corporation collaborative project of 2020 Fostering Global Talent initiative of Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT. A total of 12 projects have been selected from the creative proposals corresponding to the research topic set by MSRA.

A total of six POSTECH professors are participating in the project. They are: Prof. Seungyong Lee, Hwanjo Yu, Minsu Cho, Suha Kwak, Sunghyun Cho and Jaesik Park.

The research topics of the six professors are as follows: Prof. Seungyong Lee’s construction and application of 3D caricature dataset, Prof. Hwanjo Yu’s recommender system with item-interest sustainability, Prof. Minsu Cho and Prof. Suha Kwak’s comprehensive and accurate action recognition via multi-task learning in video, and Prof. Sunghyun Cho and Prof. Jaesik Park’s transparent generative models for 3D world generation.

Through this project, some students of the department and GSAI will have the opportunity to conduct joint research at MSRA. Selected as researchers, the students will be sent to MSRA at a later time due to the current COVID-19 situation. They are set to research for 6 months under the guidance of leading AI experts of MSRA to produce results and build a global network of collaboration.