POSTECH Faculty Position Recruitment

2015-10-21 2,006
 POSTECH Faculty Position Recruitment

POSTECH was founded as the first research-oriented university in Korea. In merely three decades, POSTECH has become one of the world’s top universities with unyielding support of the regional community. Through change and innovation POSTECH will once again take its next leap forward. We are currently seeking outstanding scholars for tenure-track or tenured faculty positions as follows.  
Field of Employment
Contact Information
The Division of Humanities and 
Social Sciences
Economics, Scientific Philosophy
Dept. of Mathematics
All areas of Mathematics including Probability and
Dept. of Physics
Future Convergence Field which includes Statistical
   Physics, Biophysics, and Optics
Dept. of Chemistry
All areas of Chemistry (preferred consideration on  
  Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry)
Dept. of Life Sciences
▪ All areas of Life Sciences including Plant Sciences and  
   Biomass, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology ,
   Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Molecular Biology,
   Neurobiology, Genetics, Immunology, Systems Biology,
   Physiology, Microbiology, Translational Research,
   Biodefense, and Platform Technology
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
▪ Fundamental materials science
  – Low-dimensional photonics materials/devices
  – Computational materials science
    (First-principles calculations)
▪ Smart materials engineering
  – Biomedical materials/devices
  – Energy/electrochemecial materials/devices
▪ Other materials science and engineering
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
All areas of Mechanical Engineering including Robotics,
  and Mechanics/Materials
Dept. of Industrial and Management Engineering
All areas of Industrial and Management Engineering
  including Finance Engineering
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
All areas of Computer Science and Engineering
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
All areas of Chemical Engineering
Dept. of Creative IT Engineering
▪ Smart Computing   
  – Computer Vision, Security, HCI    
▪ Smart Devices and Systems    
  – IT Devices and Circuits, IoT related Technology,    
    Control and 
Robot Systems       
▪ IT Based Future Healthcare   
  – Smart(Mobile) Medical Devices, U-Healthcare, 
School of Environmental Science and Engineering
▪ All areas of Environmental Science and Engineering 
   (Green energy and the environment, Water-energy-
    waste nexus, Environment-friendly 
materials and green
    processes, Climate change and air pollution
    Water resource management and treatment,
    Remediation and control technology,
    Environmental impact/analysis/assessment, Ecology,
    Ecotoxicology/environmental health)

▪ All areas of Advanced Nuclear Engineering

Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology
Graduate School of Engineering Mastership
▪ FEED (Front End Engineering Design)   
  – Mechanical Engineering, Steel Technology, Chemical 
    Engineering, Ocean Science 
▪ PMC (Project Management Consultancy) 
  – Project Management, Systems Engineering,
    Construction IT