POSTECH Has the Highest Number of Exemplary Laboratories in Safety Management among National Research Institutes

2019-10-29 286

[20 labs certified, the highest number of exemplary labs for three consecutive years]

POSTECH’s 20 labs were selected as Exemplary Laboratories in Safety Management by the Ministry of Science and ICT this year. This marks POSTECH’s certification for six years in a row since 2014.

A total of 14 labs in 2017 and 16 labs in 2018 were certified at POSTECH, setting the record for the most number of exemplary labs in Korea. It was also designated as the best institute and the best lab among universities and research institutes in the nation.

President Moo Hwan Kim stated, “We have specifically devoted our attention, efforts and capabilities at the institutional level to raise the safety awareness of our school community, in order to build a clean smart safe campus. With this exemplary laboratories certification, we will do our best in safety management so our members can conduct research in a safe environment and share our know-how externally to be at the vanguard of the industry.”

‘Certification of Exemplary Laboratories in Safety Management’ is a system implemented by the Ministry of ICT to strengthen the autonomous safety management capabilities of science and technology labs at universities and research institutes, and to explore and spread safety management standards. It is a system that grants certification to labs with excellent safety management and activities through inspections conducted by experts.

To be certified, the lab should be accident-free for two years and must score above 80 points from 29 categories spanning over the following areas: Laboratory safety environment system (30 points), safety activity standard (50 points), and safety awareness of researcher (20 points). The certification is valid for two years and requires an inspection every two years for recertification.