POSTECH Hosts the ILJU School of Mathematics

2020-01-15 367

[From January 13th to 17th at Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun]

200114_일주수학학교 기사내부

POSTECH’s Pohang Institute of Mathematics (PMI) hosts the 15th ILJU School of Mathematics at Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun in Seoul from January 13 – 17.

Supported by the ILJU Academy and Culture Foundation and PMI, the week-long program explores the theme of ‘Banach Spaces and Related Topics’ with internationally renowned experts. It will be held in an open school format where students freely discuss everything from fundamentals to core research methods of cutting-edge research projects. The program is open to both Korean and international undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and professors as well as the general public.

Guest speakers include Professor Zvavitch of Kent State University and Professor Zheng of University of Memphis in U.S., Professor Lindström of Abo Akademi University in Finland, and Professor García of University of Valencia in Spain.

The host of the conference, Professor Yun Sung Choi of PMI, stated, “We will study and discuss the latest major research topics of functional analysis in depth, which will naturally lead to exchanges between researchers during this week.” He added, “We hope that promoting research exchange between world scholars will help the next generation of research groups to reach world-class level.”