POSTECH is a Powerhouse in Vision AI

2020-05-17 313

– Prof. Seungyong Lee and Prof. Sunghyun Cho make the list of top 100 scholars in computer graphics
– Prof. Minsu Cho and Prof. Jaesik Park selected as area chairs for CVPR 2020
– Prof. Minsu Cho and Suha Kwak selected as IJCV’s associate editors

As the world engages in the war for talent to research and develop the new AI technologies essential for the fourth industrial revolution, POSTECH professors in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are receiving the limelight in the areas of computer graphics and computer vision.

AMiner, a social network search service targeting researchers in the AI field, has selected Prof. Seungyong Lee and Prof. Sunghyun Cho as the top 100 scholars in computer graphics on the AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars Annual List.

AMiner is an online scientific search and mining system developed by Tsinghua University in China. The institute determined the most influential 200 scholars and 1,800 influential researchers in the AI field using the Tsinghua AMiner academic data, which indexes more than 133 million expert profiles and 270 million publications.

Prof. Lee and Prof. Cho are the only Korean scholars selected in the computer graphics field. They ranked 54th and 68th on the list respectively.

Meanwhile, Prof. Minsu Cho and Prof. Jaesik Park have been appointed as area chairs for Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2020 (CVPR 20200), which is a top academic conference in the computer vision field.

CVPR is the most influential international conference on computer science and AI that draws over 10,000 researchers every June.

Prof. Cho and Prof. Park were appointed as area chairs of CVPR, recognized for their outstanding research achievements and networks. They will review the suitability of papers submitted to CVPR 2020 and write final reports to suggest either to accept or reject each paper.

Moreover, Prof. Cho along with Prof. Suha Kwak were recently elected as associate editors of the International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV). The journal has been published by Springer since 1987 and is currently the most respected journal in the field of computer vision.