POSTECH Is the First Private University to Win Grand Prize at Korea Library Award

2024-02-29 85

[Acknowledged as a multicultural hub for learning, relaxation, and community engagement]

[Manages an open-access platform, contributing to the global sharing of domestic research outcomes]

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) has become the first private university to be honored with the Grand Prize of the ‘Korea Library Award’.

Presented by the Korean Library Association since 1969, the ‘Korea Library Award’ recognizes individuals or organizations for their noteworthy contributions to the advancement of libraries in the country. Notably, POSTECH’s recognition marks a milestone as the first private university to receive the ‘grand prize’ which was established in 2019.

The Tae-Joon Park Digital Library was named after Honorary Chairman of POSCO Tae-Joon Park. In 2022, the library underwent a transformation into a multifaceted cultural space inspired by the concept of a ‘living library’, aiming to embody the essence of the ‘comfort of one’s living room, encouraging a desire to linger’ and creating an ‘lively and engaging’ environment. Furthermore, the library has broadened its horizons by expanding creative and collaborative zones, extending beyond the focus on reading and learning of conventional libraries and fostering an atmosphere where members can engage in open communication.

In 2023, ‘POSTECH1986’ was unveiled, creating a multifaceted cultural space resembling a rachibium. This facility serves as a library, archive, and museum, showcasing its versatility. Notably, the museum successfully hosted an exhibition featuring Sang Sam Park’s ‘The Principle of Ziran Dialogue’, highlighting its newfound potential as a hub for artistic and cultural endeavors. Furthermore, the space has embraced transformation into an open library, inviting local residents in Pohang to partake in shared reading and cultural experiences.

Additionally, the library took a significant step by establishing the OASIS Repository (, a platform for open access data sharing. This initiative aims to eliminate economic, legal, and technical barriers, facilitating the global dissemination and utilization of Korea’s remarkable academic achievements.

Soo-Ahn Han, the Director of Academic Information Resources at the POSTECH, expressed, “The Tae-Joon Park Digital Library has been attuned to the needs of both university members and the citizens of Pohang.” She added, “Our vision is to evolve into a library that serves not only as a space for studying but also as a venue for relaxation and cultural enjoyment.”

The Korea Library Award, organized by the Korean Library Association, took place at the National Library of Korea on February 22, 2024.