POSTECH Professors Dong Soo Hwang and Jae Yong Song Honored for Science and Technology Innovation in 2023

2024-02-26 215

Professors Dong Soo Hwang from the Environmental Science and Engineering Division and School of Interdisciplinary Bioscience & Bioengineering, along with Jae Yong Song from the Departments of Semiconductor Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, have received the government’s Science and Technology Innovation Merit Citation in recognition of their outstanding contributions in 2023.

The Science and Technology Innovation Awards were introduced this year to commend individuals who have made significant contributions to innovation policies across 13 categories, including science and technology policy, national strategic technology, social problem-solving, and budget allocation adjustments.

Professor Dong Soo Hwang’s recognition stems from his dedication to regional science and technology promotion. He was acknowledged for his pivotal role in revitalizing regional industries and promoting employment opportunities. His efforts were highlighted through his involvement in the establishment of ANPOLY, Inc., which was later distinguished as an exemplary company contributing to job creation in Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Meanwhile, Professor Jae Yong Song’s selection was based on his impactful contributions to strategic budget allocation adjustments. His noteworthy achievements include consultancy work for new business projects in 2024, guidance in directing national research and development investments, and adeptness in business analysis.

Adding to the accolades, alumnus Jun Kyu Lee from the Environmental Science and Engineering Division was lauded for his instrumental role in conducting feasibility studies for national research and development projects.

A total of 73 individuals and organizations were honored across a broad spectrum of categories: science and technology policy (10 awardees), the Presidential Advisory Council on Science & Technology (8 awardees), national strategic technology (9 awardees), driving growth engines (4 awardees), multi-agency collaboration activation (3 awardees), challenging R&D achievements (3 awardees), social problem-solving (6 awardees), carbon-neutral R&D innovation (2 awardees), regional science and technology promotion (3 awardees), private R&D innovation (2 companies), R&D budget allocation and adjustment (11 awardees), civil-military cooperation (1 awardee), and feasibility study of national R&D projects (11 awardees).