POSTECH Rowing, the University’s first official athletic team

2016-08-17 710


The University now has the first official collegiate athletic team of its own – a coed rowing team. POSTECH Rowing was initiated as part of the efforts to foster well-rounded global leaders equipped not only with intelligence and moral virtues, but also with physical strength.    

Rowing is one of the most popular intercollegiate sports, due to traditional rivalry between elite universities such as Oxford vs. Cambridge and Harvard vs. Yale. Widely regarded as a “gentleman’s sport,” rowing has been embraced by the Ivy League schools. There were seven collegiate rowing teams in Korea including those with Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Korea University. POSTECH is the eighth to join the league.

The POSTECH Rowing members, comprised of eighteen male and three female students, are breaking a sweat as training is now in full swing. Under Coach Manju Kim, a professor with the Dept. of Chemistry, and Assistant Coach Eunyoung Park, a former national rower, the students are working to improve their physical fitness and master basic techniques in preparation for upcoming tournaments.          

“Through rowing, our students will learn to push themselves beyond their limits and to play fair and square not only in sports but in every battle they face in life,” President Doh-Yeon Kim shared his hope. The University will continue to support POSTECH students to grow and develop into global leaders with mental and physical toughness, teamwork skills, and leadership qualities.