POSTECH to Establish MSE in an Ethiopian University

2012-04-04 1,199

POSTECH to Establish Department of Materials Science & Engineering in an Ethiopian University 


Pohang University of Science and Technology will establish a new Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) in Ethiopia as part of its efforts to contribute to the advancement of higher education in developing countries. 


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology announced on April 4 that POSTECH had been selected to participate in the Ministry’s International Cooperation Leading University Program, a new program created this year for the promotion of Korean-style development assistance through cooperation between universities. Under this program, POSTECH will form a consortium with Busan National University of Education and set up Department of Materials Science & Engineering at ASTU with support from POSCO, RIST and POMIA. The total aid for ASTU will amount to KRW 2,770 million (including equipment and goods), including KRW 1,600 million from the Korean government, KRW 400 million from POSCO, and KRW 360 million from POSTECH.