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President Baik’s interviews were featured on the major Vietnamese newspapers on May 20 and 21. The interviews mostly contain news on establishment of POSTECH Hanoi office and stories on POSTECH’s plans for globalization.
On May 19, President Baik and the Vietnamese Minister of Science and Technology held earnest talks about academic exchanges between the two countries.
For more details, please click on the link below to view the interview featured on Laodong Newspaper. English version of the interview is also available at the bottom of the page. To read more articles in Vietnamese, please click on the links listed above this message.
On 18 May, 2010, the University of Science and Technology Pohang (POSCTECH – Korea) opened the representative office in Hanoi. As one of the leading technology universities of Korea, POSTECH’s objectives are to foster the general study and academic exchange with the big universities of Vietnam, to facilitate the training and to grant scholarships to Vietnamese students. Mr. Baek Sung Ki – the rector of POSTECH (in the photo) revealed further information about the programs that will be launched in Vietnam.
– This is the first time POSTECH has established the representative office in Vietnam. What are the objectives of POSTECH in the coming time?
– This is our second overseas representative office after the first one in Beijing (China) which was established in October 2009. We want to go abroad and invite the talented people of other countries to get training. POSTECH hopes that the office will promote more and more the connection net with Vietnamese universities. Therefore, in two days of 17 and 18 May, 2010, I signed the agreement of academic exchange and discussed the co-operation methods with 4 Vietnamese universities, including Hanoi University of Techonology, University of Natural Science (Vietnam National Unviersity, Hanoi), University of Natural Science, and University of Technology (Vietnam National Unviersity, HCMC). We would like to support those universities to design and develop the training programs right in Vietnam.
– Have any Vietnamese students ever studied in POSTECH yet? If a student wants to pursuit the programs, what are the conditions?
– So far 10 students graduated and 9 others are doing master. Vietnamese students are hard-working, active and enthusiastic. We hope to attract more talents of Vietnam in various fields of science and technology to our school. The condition of attending to our programs is that the student must have the real capacity of math and natural science. In terms of the recruitment procedures, we will have some tests at the representative office or audio-visual phone interviews from Korea. We will assess mainly the interviews, so beside the mark records and files of the student, the self-confidence of the student is very important.
– In the coming time, is POSTECH granting scholarships to Vietnamese students? The weakness of Vietnamese students is foreign language, so what will the university support?
– We will grant the 100%-scholarhips (instituition and living expense) to Vietnamese students. At our school, the teaching language mainly is English. But I want to reaffirm that the most important thing is that the students must have the real capacity of natural science, and we will have some English supporting programs for them.
– Vietnamese universities are making every effort to create a breakthrough in development. From your achivements, what experiences would you like to share with Vietnam?
– In a short time, many things need investing, but the first priority is professor source. At the beginning time (1986), we had 10 faculties, each faculty had leading professors graduating from foreign countries. I want to emphasis that choosing gifted professors who have real capacity, and are well-trained from abroad must be adhere to creating the best working environment and incentives, so that they are comfortable to devote to the career. Let’s take POSTECH as an example, the professors at the age of from 55 have double incomes as the young professors do. 
In my opinion, first of all, Vietnam should choose some key universites to invest, enhance the quality first. POSTECH now has the special incentives for the foreign staff. I hope that the Vietnamese talents will come to Korea to study and work.
– Thank you very much.
Ngoc Lan reported.
Estalished on 3rd December, 1986, POSTECH has 10 undergraduate falcuties, focus on scicence and technology and 19 post-graduate falcuties. Our aim is “Few students, high quality, supplying the excellent talents and leaders in the technology science field”, we only recruit 300 student each year. The school has the best ever study suportting programs, such as campus living fee and intiution exemption and reduction for all students. The school also builds the standards as the famous universities in the  developed countries, Ph.D lecturers and each lecturer tutors only 5 students, for example.