POSTECH to recruit members of ‘Consortium for Developing Fuel Cell’

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POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology, CEO Yong-Min, Kim, will participate in ‘RENEWABLE ENERGY KOREA 2012’ which will be held from October 9th to 12th at COEX, KOREA to recruit members of ‘Consortium for Developing Fuel Cell’.

For more information, people can contact to Sung -Tae, Park (054-279-5466,, a senior researcher in  Renewable Energy Lab of Pohang University of Science and Technology.

Above this, they will also introduce PEMFC Test-bed Center, SOFC Test-bed Center and MCFC Test-bed Center.

PEMFC Test-bed Center is a evaluation and test PEMFC system for the building and home-use. With SOFC Test-bed Center , user can build test station of BOP for MCFC, SOFC and can build test system for thermo-fluid characteristics of MBOP. Evaluation of NRC material is also available.

In addition, MCFC Test-bed Center can build test system for medium-large size of MCFC(>5kW) as well as can evaluate durability during vibration for both fuel cells and BOPs.

Meanwhile, ‘REK 2012’ is organized by Korea Energy Management Corporation. For this year, ‘Korea Green Energy Show’ and ‘Green Energy Job Fair’ are hosted together to provide an opportunity for gathering all kinds of energy related industries at one spot as well as creating new job opportunities.

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