Prof. Jae-Yoon Sim Selected as ‘Scientist of the Month’

2020-02-13 476

Prof. Jae-Yoon Sim of the Department of Electrical Engineering has been selected as the Scientist of the Month by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and National Research Foundation of Korea for the month of February.

Prof. Sim demonstrated wireless Internet of Things (IoT) platform with a system on a chip that worked with the electric power of nanowatt (10-9 watts). He was highly praised for his research and for building a foundation for further research on healthcare, smart city and other IoT integrated areas.

The world has been competing for developing technologies to bring high performance and high efficiency in computers like microcomputers for sensor networks and quantum computers that represent IoT. In the midst of this competition, the news on Prof. Sim’s winning the award has gained attention as he is the first one to develop the system on a chip (SoC) in Korea and is serving as the Director of Scalable Quantum Computer Technology Platform Center.


Prof. Sim said, “Designing an integrated circuit is like a creating a new thing by putting Lego blocks called transistors together in a creative way and therefore it requires an artistic taste. I anticipate that related research works will be utilized as a generic technology for developing system semiconductor technology such as nano, bio sensor materials, implant clinical laboratory, device technology for batteries and antennas in Korea.”

Scientist of the Month is the award granted to a researcher who has contributed to scientific technology development with his/her research. A winner will receive an award by the Minister of Science and ICT and reward of ten million KRW.