Prof. Sung-Kee Chung, Prof. Ja Kang Ku Awarded…

2011-03-08 2,084

Professor Sung-Kee Chung (Chemistry) Awarded Chungjo Geunjung Medal and Professor Ja Kang Ku (Chemistry) Selected as Recipient of Prime Minister Award

Prof. Sung-Kee Chung was brought in to POSTECH when the university was founded, and he served at various positions at POSTECH from early 1987 until he retired from his career in 2011. He also served as the third president of POSTECH. Prof. Chung is a renowned chemist who produced eminent achievements in bioorganic & medicinal chemistry and was selected as the recipient of the Chungjo Geunjung Medal for his great contributions in advancement of POSTECH and the nation.
Prof. Ku has been serving at the Department of Chemistry for the past 20 years and fostered many scientists. Prof. Ku was selected as the Prime Minister Award recipient for his great contributions to the advancement of the field of natural sciences.