Professor Byung-In Kim Selected as an APIEMS Fellow

2019-12-22 357

[POSTECH Professor Byung-In Kim Named a Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems]

Professor Byung-In Kim of POSTECH’s Department of Industrial and Management Engineering was selected as an APIEMS fellow.

APIEMS, one of the prestigious academic organizations in industrial engineering and management science, selects its fellows among scholars who have contributed to academia through a rigorous screening process every year. Only one scholar – Professor Kim – was chosen this year as a fellow.

An authority in logistics optimization, Professor Kim received his Ph.D. from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, then joined the POSTECH faculty in 2005 after teaching at the Memphis State University.

Professor Kim develops and applies optimization techniques such as mathematical programming and metaheuristics to solve various real-world problems, and was the recipient of 2018 POSCO Smart Innovation Award.

He is the third professor from his department to be named an APIEMS fellow, preceded by professors Chi-Hyuck Jun and Kwang-Jae Kim, now making POSTECH a university with the most number of APIEMS fellows in Korea.