Professor Hyun Kwang Kim Recognized by the Korean Mathematical Society

2020-07-06 460

[Receives an award for nurturing talented individuals through education and written works]


Professor Hyun Kwang Kim of POSTECH’s Department of Mathematics received the Award for the Advancement of Mathematics Education from the Korean Mathematical Society’s (KMS) 2020 Spring Meeting held on July 3, 2020.

Professor Kim has devoted himself to guiding and training students over the years and 12 doctoral students and 21 masters’ students have received their degrees in integer theory, code theory and union theory under his supervision. He also promoted mathematics by conducting a number of public lectures for elementary and middle school students as a ‘science ambassador’ commissioned by the Ministry of Science and ICT in 2004. He was also invited as a speaker to the teacher training programs organized by the office of education for Busan and Daegu cities and was credited for improving the quality of secondary education.

Professor Kim, who completed his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University, has been dedicated to raising the next generation of mathematicians at POSTECH for 32 years since 1988 after serving at Ulsan University and Johns Hopkins University.

Award for the Advancement of Mathematics Education from KMS is given to a Korean citizen who has made outstanding contributions to fostering young people over the years through mathematics-related education or written works. The 2020 Spring Meeting, the academic conference of KMS, was held virtually for the first time since its foundation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.