Professor Junsuk Rho Named Guest Editor of MRS Bulletin

2020-03-17 461

[Top Scholars in Metasurfaces Research Participate in the March Issue]

Professor Junsuk Rho of the departments of mechanical and chemical engineering at POSTECH has been selected as the guest editor for the March issue of the bulletin published by Materials Research Society.

The MRS is the world’s largest academic organization in materials research and has more than 15,000 members including professors, researchers, students, and others from more than 90 countries. It organizes various conferences and is one of the most-participated international organizations for Korean researchers.

The MRS Bulletin, published monthly by the society, is well-known for selecting topics each month and inviting leading researchers in the field to introduce relevant research trends, in-depth industry outlook and key reviews.

The March 2020 issue covers the theme of “Metasurfaces for Flat Optics,” a research area in which Professor Rho excels.


The bulletin begins with Professor Roh’s introduction on metasurfaces and flat-panel optics, and is followed by “Transdimensional material platforms for tunable metasurface design” by Professor Alexandra Boltasseva of Purdue University, “Freeform metasurface design based on topology optimization” by Professor Jonathan Fan of Stanford University, “Metasurface optics for imagining applications” by Professor Byoungho Lee of Seoul National University, “Nonlinear optics with resonant metasurfaces” by Yuri Kivshar of Australian National University, and “Machine learning for nanophotonics” by Haim Suchowski of Tel Aviv University.

All are outstanding scholars in the field of metasurface research and editing such bulletin proves Professor Rho’s position in the field.

Professor Rho commented, “It is an honor to publish the March issue of the MRS Bulletin as a guest editor with world-class scholars.” He added, “By the time the bulletin publishes, we will also conduct an online lecture (MRS Webinar) on the 25th that discusses special topics from the bulletin.”