Professor Sin-Hyeog Im Donates 100 Million Won Worth of Stocks to POSTECH

2020-05-22 404


On May 21, 2020, Professor Sin-Hyeog Im of POSTECH’s Department of Life Sciences donated 100 million won (USD 81,000) worth of ImmunoBiome, Inc. stocks to POSTECH. The funds will be used for POSTECH’s life sciences and the bioscience & biotechnology departments to establish education and research infrastructure to nurture future leaders equipped with outstanding abilities to think across academic boundaries.

ImmunoBiome Inc. is a lab-based start-up founded in June 2019 at POSTECH, utilizing the technologies that the University possessed. It aims to redesign the immunity using microbiome and to develop drugs to treat incurable diseases. Despite its young age, the company has built up a reputation for its extraordinary technical expertise and garnered much attention from the industry as the ‘second generation microbiome company.’