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Professor Sung H. Han Will Lead First Asian Conference of Ergonomics and Design

2015-07-24 550

Professor Sung H. Han (Department of Industrial and Management Engineering)


Professor Sung H. Han (Department of Industrial and Management Engineering) is an authority in the field of ergonomics, an applied science that deals with the design of devices and systems in conjunction with the physical working conditions, capacities, and requirements of the user.  Professor Han has conducted research on human-computer interaction, effective product design, and the evaluation of product and service experience to provide better value to users. He has played a vital role in the establishment of Asia’s first National Institute of Ergonomics and is the founder of ACED (Asian Conference of Ergonomics and Design). The first ACED will be held at the Jeju Ramada Hotel from May 21-24, 2014. 

The main theme of the conference will be “New Challenge in Asian Ergonomics and Design”. More than 400 researchers from 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific regions including China, Japan, and Indonesia will attend the conference. The international participation in ACED is expected to play a significant role in helping change Western-oriented ergonomics research and product development to suit Asian culture and human characteristics.

“On behalf of Asia, Korea took the lead in founding of ACED and hosting its first conference,” said Professor Han. “We expect to make a significant contribution to the relevant areas of research and industry innovation. In particular, we work in conjunction with the ICT industry which is the main axis of the creative economy. Ergonomics will play an important role in creating the future of the ergonomics industry that increases convenience in human life.”