Professor Wonyong Choi Appointed as Advisory Panel of Nature Sustainability

2020-09-04 237


Professor Wonyong Choi of POSTECH’s Division of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Department of Chemical Engineering has been appointed as an advisory panel for the journal Nature Sustainability.

Prof. Choi earned his B.S. in chemical technology from Seoul National University in 1988, an M.S. in physical chemistry from POSTECH a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry from the California Institute of Technology in 1996. His research areas are focused on semiconductor-based photoelectrochemical systems and environmental chemical processes to address various aspects of environmental and energy-related issues.

After joining the POSTECH faculty in 1988, Prof. Choi received the Young Scientist Award in 2005, KAST Science and Technology Award in 2015, and the Korea Engineering Award in 2018. He has also been designated as a highly cited researcher from Clarivate Analytics last year.

Launched in January 2018, Nature Sustainability is a journal of highest authority, publishing the the best research about sustainability from the natural and social sciences, as well as from the fields of engineering and policy.